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Latest News

19th July: the Orphanage has been updated with some new arrivals and there are more to come so check back again tomorrow.

5th July: Here is our latest collection from Bearable Bears by Anjo.

We also have a fantastic new selection of Orphan Bears today.

30th June: Shantock Mice have arrived and are available to adopt now!

29th June: here is the latest Barricane Bear collection, exclusive to Abracadabra.

28th June: new arrivals from Bruijntje Bear have just been added to the website here.

17th June: a new selection of Orphans have been added to the Orphanage section today.

14th June: we have new arrivals from Thingumy & Co to make you smile today!  Take a peek now.

7th June: 6 new bears from Die aus dem Koffer have just been updated here.

5th June: 2 newly arrived Michel-Baeren have just made an appearance on the website here.

2nd June: the latest collection of Dany Bears is now available to adopt or layaway.  Visit them here.