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Latest News

7th June: 6 new bears from Die aus dem Koffer have just been updated here.

5th June: 2 newly arrived Michel-Baeren have just made an appearance on the website here.

2nd June: the latest collection of Dany Bears is now available to adopt or layaway.  Visit them here.

30th May: very excited to say that I have 6 new Kaz Bears to offer - check them out now.

26th May: I'm back from holiday and busy updating all the new arrivals to the website.  The first of which are these fabulous Forget Me Nots which can be viewed in more detail here.

A Charlie Bear delivery also arrived this week and all the new Plush teddies and Minimos can be seen in latest arrivals.

11th to 23rd May: the shop will be closed during this period although you will be able to contact me by email or via our Facebook Page.

6th May: many of the Orphanage bears and animals have been reduced in price today - check them out here.

Heston, from the Isabelle Collection 2017 is available to adopt or layaway now - visit his page now.

3rd May: here is the latest collection of Barricane Bears for you - see them here.

28th April: the final group of Orphans has been added to the Orphanage todayYou can see them here.

20th April: The latest delivery from Charlie Bears brings more of this year's collections into stock, including Michelangelo from the Isabelle Collection:  check out latest arrivals for more details.

25th March:
The latest delivery from Charlie Bears brings lots more of the new Plush Collection into stock: Alexandra, Anne, Gumdrop, Higgs, Reech, Shadow and Tully - check out latest arrivals for more details.

15th March: just arrived from Australia are these lovely Brimbin Forest Bears - see them here.

11th March: a big delivery from Charlie Bears means that we now have the following bears and animals newly in stock: Plush Collection - Genevieve, Glade, Lazlo, Olien, Seek, Tadam, Tiddles, Truffles and Woodland.  Minimos - Ragdoll & Piccolo.  Bearhouse - Congo & Safari.  All can be found in Latest Arrivals.

9th March: new artist bears from Judy Follows of Bradgate Bears and Linda Willetts of Hoblins have been added today,  Click on the artist's names to view.

2nd March: Vintage Bears from France by Jerome & Colette Maillot are now available - see them here.