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Artist Bears

Specially made for Abracadabra, sourced from all over the world, these are one of a kind or small limited edition teddy bears and other soft sculpture animals made to a very high standard by individual artists using their own unique designs.  They are made for collectors and are also ideal as a special heirloom keepsake or a souvenir of a memorable occasion. 

Due to the small parts used in their making, these creations are not suitable for children under 14 years. 

  1. Artig und Frech by Ursula SchwarzArtig und Frech by Ursula Schwarz
  2. Barricane Bears by Rachel WardBarricane Bears by Rachel Ward
  3. Bearable Bears by Anjo NoijaBearable Bears by Anjo Noija
  4. Beardsley Bears by Deb Beardsley-ElertsonBeardsley Bears by Deb Beardsley-Elertson
  5. BearMeToo by Ann-Marie DoddBearMeToo by Ann-Marie Dodd
  6. Bradgate Bears by Judy FollowsBradgate Bears by Judy Follows
  7. Brimbin Forest Bears by Linda ClaphamBrimbin Forest Bears by Linda Clapham
  8. Britannia Bears by Karen ElderfieldBritannia Bears by Karen Elderfield
  9. Bruijntje Bear by Liesbeth de BruijnBruijntje Bear by Liesbeth de Bruijn
  10. Cat Maessen BearsCat Maessen Bears
  11. Chatham Village Bears by Art RogersChatham Village Bears by Art Rogers
  12. Dany Baeren by Daniela MelseDany Baeren by Daniela Melse
  13. Die aus dem Koffer by Susanne TauberDie aus dem Koffer by Susanne Tauber
  14. Forget Me Not Bears by the Wiltshire sistersForget Me Not Bears by the Wiltshire sisters
  15. Gilles-Baeren by Silvia GillesGilles-Baeren by Silvia Gilles
  16. Honey Pot Bears by Amanda FergusonHoney Pot Bears by Amanda Ferguson
  17. Hoblins by Linda WillettsHoblins by Linda Willetts
  18. Inge Bears by Ingrid ElsInge Bears by Ingrid Els
  19. Kaz Bears by Karen BrentnallKaz Bears by Karen Brentnall
  20. Leni-Dolls by Elena NaglerLeni-Dolls by Elena Nagler
  21. Ljudmila DonodinaLjudmila Donodina
  22. Michel-Baeren by Michael JordanMichel-Baeren by Michael Jordan
  23. Mouser's Craft by Natalia VasilevaMouser's Craft by Natalia Vasileva
  24. Nugget Bears by Britta UhlendorffNugget Bears by Britta Uhlendorff
  25. Pipkins Bears by Jane MogfordPipkins Bears by Jane Mogford
  26. Ridibears by Rita DiesingRidibears by Rita Diesing
  27. Shantock Bears by Elanor AndrewsShantock Bears by Elanor Andrews
  28. Sue Quinn Bears and Hedgehog CornerSue Quinn Bears and Hedgehog Corner
  29. Sweet Violet Designs by Nikki PageSweet Violet Designs by Nikki Page
  30. Thingumy & Co. by Bry RichardsonThingumy & Co. by Bry Richardson
  31. True Bears by Irina ZlobinTrue Bears by Irina Zlobin
  32. Vintage Bears by Colette & Jerome MaillotVintage Bears by Colette & Jerome Maillot