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9th. February: a new collection of Forget Me Not Bears is available today, click here.

8th February: Many Special Offers are still available today - check out the section here.

1st. February: a new collection from Daniela Melse, Dany-Baeren, is now available.

31st. January: new arrivals from Michael Jordan, Michel-Baeren, are here.

24th January:  check out the latest arrivals in the Orphanage!

23rd January:  available now is our latest exclusive collection from Barricane Bears.

3rd January: HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!  I'd like to start 2018 off with something to brighten up those dull January days so here are the first of sone SPECIAL OFFERS for you from the Isabelle Collection.  

Artist bears added today, lots more Special Offers available.

5th December: More Thingumy & Co exclusive dragons have also arrived!!