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Ragtales offer a range of toys designed to accompany children on the journey through their early years. Their toys are full of charm and originality, drawing their inspiration from the heritage of English life.

Every toy features lovely details to make them special; original designs, gorgeous hand picked fabrics, the highest quality velour, hand knitted clothing and distinctive quality packaging.

All of their products are fully safety tested by accredited safety testing organisations for birth onwards, (see individual product listings for age exceptions).  A strong focus on the way the toys are made is, for them, an extra assurance that the products are safe for our children.

  1. Ragtales Baby Alfie BootiesRagtales Baby Alfie Booties
  2. Ragtales Baby Alfie ComforterRagtales Baby Alfie Comforter
  3. Ragtales Baby Alfie Rattle SoftieRagtales Baby Alfie Rattle Softie
  4. Ragtales Baby Fifi BootiesRagtales Baby Fifi Booties
  5. Ragtales Baby Fifi ComforterRagtales Baby Fifi Comforter
  6. Ragtales Baby Fifi Rattle SoftieRagtales Baby Fifi Rattle Softie
  7. Ragtales Chester FoxRagtales Chester Fox
  8. Ragtales Dylan LambRagtales Dylan Lamb
  9. Ragtales Fifi RabbitRagtales Fifi Rabbit
  10. Ragtales Lily MouseRagtales Lily Mouse
  11. Ragtales Mimmo Knitted RabbitRagtales Mimmo Knitted Rabbit
  12. Ragtales Mimmo Kntted BearRagtales Mimmo Kntted Bear
  13. Ragtales Mini Bo RabbitRagtales Mini Bo Rabbit
  14. Ragtales Mini Darcy Teddy BearRagtales Mini Darcy Teddy Bear
  15. Ragtales Nursery Rhymes Rag BoookRagtales Nursery Rhymes Rag Boook
  16. Ragtales Oscar PuppyRagtales Oscar Puppy
  17. Ragtales Percy PuppyRagtales Percy Puppy
  18. Ragtales Phoebe DuckRagtales Phoebe Duck